Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club



Our Social Gathering, was held from 6:30-7:00 PM followed by the general meeting.

BMDC General Meeting, started a little late because we were Zoom bombed.

 At 7:10 PM Lee Finney, BMDC President, welcomed everyone.  He led everyone in the flag salute and Preamble followed by approval of the minutes from the March meeting. 


BYLAW REVIEW: Lee asked for volunteers to form a Bylaw Review Committee.


WEBSITE REVIEW: Andrew Miklusicak , VP of Development, reported that the Website Review Committee has made substantial progress in the update of our website. The BMDC Board approved the hiring of a web designer, Ariel Moreno, for 10 hours to assist with further development of the website. Any member interested in being on this committee can contact Andrew via email, [email protected]


Thereafter, Lee made further announcements:

  • Nominations Committee: the current board has decided to run as a slate. If any members would like to run for an office or to nominate someone, please let Lee know, via email, [email protected]. The election will be held during the May general club meeting.
  • Governor Newsom Recall: A special election will be held in Three Republicans are running to replace our governor. The GoTeam will be very active in opposing the recall. If you would like to join the GoTeam please contact Lee Finney via the DMDC website or at [email protected]
  • Donations for Unaccompanied Minors - Lee reported that two full truckloads of donations have been delivered to Promise2Kids and South Bay Community Services for the unaccompanied minors being housed at the San Diego Convention Center. We are still gathering donations. Items needed include duffle bags, new clothing for 5-17 years of age, new shoes youth sizes 2-5 and adult sizes 6-8, pull up diapers and toys (preferably plastic and that are easy to clean). Information has been placed on our FaceBook page and website.
  • Congratulations Dr. Akilah Weber who won the special election in AD79 to replace Shirley Weber.
  • It’s Fair Housing Month and Ramadan started on Monday at sundown.


TREASURER REPORT: Claudia von Wilpert, Treasurer, reported that there is currently a total of $3,609.82 in the club’s accounts. Members can pay their dues via our website 

CANDIDATE FORUM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action introduced Kent Lee and  Tommy Hough. Each announced he is running for the District 6 city council seat and each presented information about why he is running. To assist Tommy’s campaign go to or To assist Kent’s campaign go to or you can find him at

Cipriano Vargas, field representative for County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, District 3, gave an update on the supervisor’s current activities. To contact the supervisor go to [email protected] or call 858-285-5701.

Claudia Van Wilpert reported on Marni von Wilpert’s, 5th District San Diego City Council members, current activities. She, along with the rest of the Council approved the city’s contracting with a new ambulance service. Marni is also working to help local businesses obtain Covid relief funding.

Jason Bercovitch, representing Scott Peters, U.S. Congressman, gave some highlights as to what is happening on a federal level. He stated that currently there is no infrastructure bill, that President Biden has made his suggestions and is leaving it up to Congress to create legislation.  Jason made a point of stating that the border is closed but unaccompanied minors are being permitted to enter as is stipulated by U.S. law.


PROGRAM: The Needs Assessment Committee presented a report on the results of the BMDC Needs Assessment. Committee members included Andrew Miklusicak, chairs, Lee Finney, Marcia Finney, Kent Lee, Barbara Odom and Michael Potter.   Club members and interested parties were invited to complete the assessment during the months of February and March and 51 responded. Three areas were identified as of greatest importance:


Top Club Identified Needs  "important/very important":

90% Issue-based Education - We want expert speakers on a wide variety of political topics

86 % Legislative Influence - Communicate with our representatives to support legislation that the club endorses.

76% Dem Party Politics & Elections- Identify and define our political vision/focus and select, endorse and actively support candidates that align with our vision.


 During the presentation club attendees were invited to share specific activities or action which our Club can undertake this year and in the years ahead. Several action items were brought forward. The Need Assessment Committee will prepare a report listing these action items and present it to the BMDC Board. The Board will then coordinate member action to fulfill the needs our club members have defined together. The report will also be posted on our website,  


NEXT MEETING: Lee announced that next general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Social Gathering at 6:30 PM and General Meeting at 7:00 PM. Our speakers will be Bob and Joan Reese who will discuss the current state of the COVID19 pandemic and answer members’ questions.


Respectfully Submitted,


Marcia Finney, Secretary

Black Mtn Democratic Club