Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club




Our Social Gathering was held from 6:30-7:00 PM followed by the general meeting.


BMDC General Meeting, at 7:00 PM, Lee Finney, BMDC President, welcomed everyone.  He led everyone in the flag salute and Preamble, followed by approval of the minutes from the May meeting. 



  • Newsom Recall Election, Sept. 14th, The Stop the Recall campaign is now in full gear. The club hosted a canvass in Mira Mesa on Sunday, Sept 5th and 27 walkers turned out.  Members can find activities they can participate in opposing the recall both on the county and the state party websites. 
  • In-person meetings will not resume in October. The October 13th General Meeting will be via Zoom. Currently we are still planning an in-person meeting in November.


CANDIDATE FORUM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action announced that we would not be hearing from our local politicians at this meeting so that we could give our keynote speaker additional time to present. We will resume providing an opportunity for local politicians or their representatives to speak at our next meeting.


PROGRAM: Tiffany introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Shirley Weber, California Secretary of State, who spoke on Voter Suppression.


Dr Weber pointed out that in the 1930s and 40s the only place a person could register to vote was in the county courthouse. The hours the courthouse was open coincided with the workday, thus many could not take time off work to register. Later, when the Supreme Court decision in the Shelby County vs Coulter Case gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the foundation for new voter suppression was set. Presently there are over 300 pieces of legislation at the state level throughout the US aimed at creating barriers to voting. One example is a law in Georgia that closes the polls on Sunday at 12:00 pm. Another example is a law that no one may provide food or even water to people waiting in line to vote, despite the long hours people are forced to stand in line to vote in some states. Often the aim is voter suppression under the guise of voter security. Currently in California the recall process is a tactic being used to suppress the vote.  It forces office holders, elected in large-scale general elections, into low-voter-turn-out special elections in order to stay in office. Low voter turn-out could allow Republicans to overwhelm Democrats in the September 14th recall elections. For more information use the hotline 800-345-VOTE.


TRESURER REPORT: Claudia von Wilpert, was unable to attend. Lee announced that the current total funds on-hand is $3,357.62.


Doug Case, representative for CA State Senator Atkins, September 10th was the end of the current legislative session, the last day for bills to be signed. One of the more significant bills would allot $100 million dollars to deal with sea level rise and another strengthens the certification of police officers, a third is SB9 that would allow people build additional housing on their property.


WELCOME: Andrew Miklusicak, announced that we have 78 dues paying members. He encouraged visitors to please join us by signing up on our website.


NEXT MEETING: Lee announced that next general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, Social Gathering at 6:30 PM and the General Meeting at 7:00 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Marcia Finney, Secretary

Black Mtn Democratic Club