Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club




At 6:35 PM BMDC President Lee Finney opened the general meeting, then led the flag salute and preamble. Thereafter he made announcements:

o Everyone is encouraged to register to vote to select candidates for the state central committee Assembly District 77. In order to register go to the BMDC website.

o The county party is urging everyone to call their city council person and urge a vote for Monica Montgomery Steppe for council president.

o There will be two run-off elections for Georgia’s two Senate seats in early January. A link on the club website is available to those who would like to contribute money or time to these elections.

o Jerry Ollinger requested that someone step forward to take over the website


This was followed by approval of the minutes from the last meeting.


TREASURER REPORT: Claudia von Wilpert, Treasurer, provided a spreadsheet overview of this year’s finances. She reported that there is currently a total of $2350.03 in the club’s accounts. Claudia pointed out that there have been very few expenses this year.


WELCOME: Andrew Mikusicak, VP of Development,stated that there are two new members. He asks that all new members be directed to the BMDC website. He announced that a “Year of Success” letter will be going out to members in January and among other things it will encourage everybody to renew their membership, and that the easiest way is through our website.


PROGRAM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action, introduced our guest office holders: San DIego School Board Member Sabrina Bazzo, and Judge Michelle Ialeggio. They both gave thanks for our club’s support and assistance with their campaigns. And they talked about their upcoming new responsibilities.


Thereafter in the spirit of the holidays Tiffany offered club members the opportunity to share their holiday plans and express how they are still able to find the holiday spirit during COVID. Nearly all took part in sharing.


NEXT MEETING: Next general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 13, 2020, Social Gathering 6:30 PM and General Meeting 7:00 PM. Tiffany announced that Howard Wayne will be giving a review of the election results.


Respectful Submitted,



Marcia Finney, Secretary

Black Mtn Democratic Club