Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club




Our Social Gathering was held from 6:30-7:00 PM followed by the general meeting. BMDC Members in good standing were asked to come 5 to 10 minutes early to allow BMDC Secretary, Marcia Finney, to identify them as eligible to vote with a VM beside their names.


BMDC General Meeting, at 7:00 PM, Lee Finney, BMDC President, welcomed everyone.  He led everyone in the flag salute and Preamble, followed by a call for approval of the minutes from the October meeting, motion to approve was made by Joan Raphael and seconded by Tiffany Cuellar. By voice vote all were in favor.



  • The chaos in the Middle East continues with little hope of a quick resolution.
  • Yesterday’s elections across the nation were very good for Democrats: Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and New Jersey.


PROPOSED CHANGE of BMDC Article VIII Endorsement, Section 4 Voting BYLAWS:

Becky Philpot, a member in good standing, made a motion to change BMDC Article VIII Endorsement, Section 4 Voting bylaws. The motion proposed to change the procedure for endorsing candidates for office.  Basically, we would go from a 50%+1 vote for endorsement to a 60% vote. (Over the last month current bylaws wording and the proposed change were posted on our website and our Facebook page and sent in email blasts to all members.)


Andrew Miklusicak seconded the motion. Two members spoke in support of the motion and two spoke to keep our bylaws as is.  Thereafter there was open discussion by club members. Thereafter club members in good standing, (in this case they simply need to have paid their dues) voted on the motion. Non-members were moved to a breakout room before the vote and returned after voting was completed. Members voted anonymously via a Zoom Poll. The majority voted against the motion. BMDC Article VIII, Section 4 Bylaws will not be changed at this time.


TRESURER REPORT: Treasurer Claudia von Wilpert was absent due to illness. Lee Finney reported the club’s current total funds on-hand is $1473.90.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VP of Club Development Joan Raphael announced that we have 63 paid members. She invited new members to please introduce themselves, but they declined.


CANDIDATE FORUM: Two candidates spoke.

Darshana Patel is running in 76th Assembly District and thanked BMDC for endorsing her.

Gina Jacob running in District 2 for County Board of Supervisors against Republican Joel Andersen and would like our endorsement.


PROGRAM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action, introduced Kent Lee, City Council Member for the 6th District; he represents primarily Mira Mesa. Kent is the newest member of the SD City Council, in his eleventh month on the council. Kent discussed that the major challenges we are facing in San Diego. Housing is a major concern—housing for seniors, for young families, housing/shelter for the homeless. Some accomplishment this year have been the upgrade of several parks and more road repair done than in many years. Another concern is that SD has a 20% city employee vacancy rate. He discussed the importance of adequate pay and benefits for police, fire fighters, lifeguards, and other city employees. He stated that our sales taxes will most probably be going up. He also stated that SD hotel taxes are the lowest in the state and should be increased to fund our SD City services.  Thereafter he answered questions.


Signature Gatherers Needed: Sarah announced we need club members to gather signatures for Marni von Wilpert, representative for City Council Member, and Sabrina Bazzo, SDCSD School Board Member.  Both are club members who have been endorsed by the club.


In-Person Meetings: BMDC will hold our Wednesday, February 21, 2024, general meeting in-person at the rec hall at 10540 Caminito Baywood (off Flanders Dr), SD 92126 (where we held the 2022 holiday party).


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, January 10, 2024; 6:30 PM social time and 7 PM meeting via Zoom.


Respectfully Submitted




Marcia Finney

Secretary, Black Mtn Democratic Club