Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club




Our Social Gathering was held from 6:30-7:00 PM followed by the general meeting.


BMDC General Meeting, at 7:00 PM, Lee Finney, BMDC President, welcomed everyone.  He led everyone in the flag salute and Preamble, followed by approval of the minutes from the March meeting, Joan Raphael moved to make the motion and Wally Wulfech seconded. 



  • May Election of Board Officers The current board, except for Andrew Miklusicak, will be running again as a slate. Andrew, who is stepping down from VP of Club Development, will train anyone who takes the position provided it is prior to May.
  • Club Officer Nominating Committee is being headed by Danny Jackson. Persons interested in running for either the VP of Club Development or any of the other position on the board, please get in touch with Danny.
  • GO TEAM trainings are nearly complete. Canvassing will begin May 9th.
  • Meet and Greet for Sara Jacobs is hosted by Lee Finney and Sandy Wetzel for Congresswoman Sara Jacobs on Saturday, April 16th, from noon to 2 pm.
  • Walk for Kent Lee is being sponsored in Mira Mesa, Sunday, May 22nd, from 10 am to 1 pm.


CANDIDATE FORUM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action Tiffany introduced local elected officials or their representatives and allowed them one to two minutes to address the club.

  • Mark Leo, representative for San Diego County Supervisor Tarra Lawson-Remer, stated Supervisor Tarra Lawson-Remer is working to implement a Decarbonization & Green Jobs Plan.
  • Claudia von Wilpert, representative for City Council Member Marni von Wilpert, stated that Councilwoman von Wilpert is also pushing a city ordinance to prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products. Last week she secured a helicopter to a help put out the fire at Von’s here in our community on Scripps Poway Parkway.
  • Greg Hodosevich announced that he is running for County Treasurer-Tax Collector
  • Tommy Hough gave an update on his campaign. He is running for San Diego City Council, District 6.
  • Sarah Spear-Barrett representative for Kent Lee gave an update on Kent’s campaign. He is running for San Diego City Council District 6 and has our club endorsement.
  • Michael Flemming is running for Superior Court.



Lee pointed out that club members were identified by a VM, Voting Member, beside their names. Voting is done using the Zoom polling feature which allows, as stipulated in our bylaws, voting to be anonymous.


The entire membership had been notified of the endorsement votes by e-mail several times during the two-week period preceding the meeting. The fact that this would be the club’s final endorsements meeting was also announced three months prior to the general meeting and publicized on the club website and Facebook page.


Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action, announced the order of speakers. Each candidate or their representative spoke for three minutes. Tiffany introduced each candidate or their representative. She timed each presentation.


Non-voting attendees were ushered into a Zoom breakout room. Thereafter voting commenced via the Zoom polling feature.


All votes were completed with the first polling. Results as follows:


Assembly D78                                                      Votes                 Percentage

Chris Ward                                                          22 of 24                  92%         

No Endorsement                                                    0 of 24                     0%

Present but did not vote                                        2 of 24                     8%                         

House D50

Scott Peters                                                         13 of 24                    54%

Adam Schindler                                                      0 of 24                       0%

Kylie Taitano                                                        10 of 24                    42%

No Endorsement                                                    1 of 24                       4%


County Assessor-Recorder-Clerk

Barbara Bry                                                         24 of 24                  100%                              

No Endorsement                                                    0 of 24                       0%



Dave Meyers                                                      20 of 24                   83%

Kelly Martinez                                                       2 of 24                       8%

Juan Carlos                                                            0 of 24                       0%

No Endorsement                                                   2 of 24                       8%


Lee announced the endorsements when non-voting members were returned to the meeting.  Tiffany thanked candidates for their participation.


TRESURER REPORT: Treasurer Claudia von Wilpert announced that the current total funds on-hand is $4239.90


MEMBERSHIP REPORT: VP of Club Development Andrew Miklusicak was unable to attend the meeting. In his absence Lee Finney announced that there are currently 62 active club members and that last year we finished with 87 active club members.  This year we would like to grow the club to over 100 members.


NEXT MEETING: Lee announced next general meeting will be Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 6:30 to 7:00 pm social time, and meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.  Lee stated that Congresswoman Sara Jacobs is our scheduled speaker.  She will talk about her experience in her first year in Congress and will be open to questions. The meeting will be via Zoom.



Respectfully Submitted




Marcia Finney

Secretary Black Mtn Democratic Club