Club Meeting Minutes

Minutes Black Mountain Democratic Club




Our Social Gathering was held from 6:30-7:00 PM followed by the general meeting.


BMDC General Meeting, at 7:00 PM, Lee Finney, BMDC President, welcomed everyone.  He led everyone in the flag salute and Preamble, followed by approval of the minutes from the May meeting. 


  • By-laws Committee meeting will be via Zoom, Tuesday, July 20th,, at 6:30 p.m. Anyone wishing to serve on the committee should contact Lee.
  • Roosevelt Honors, July 31st, will be a collaborative house party jointly hosted by the club and Becky Phillpott. Members are encouraged to register online.  The BMDC Board approved $75 contribution to help Becky defray the cost of the party.  BMDC has committed to recruiting participants for Becky’s house party.
    • GoTeam trainings are being scheduled for later in the month and through next month. Club members will be invited as the schedule is finalized.
    • Newsom Recall Election, Sept. 14th, The Stop the Recall campaign is just beginning to get off the ground. We are ordering a quantity of signs.  If you would like to purchase one ($10/each) contact Lee Finney.  The club is also ordering a quantity of post cards and will be hosting post card writing parties prior to the election.
    • In-person meetings will resume in October. A Zoom connection will be provided for members unable to attend in person.


CLUB POSTCARDS/emails: This month club members are encouraged to contact Nathan Fletcher [email protected] and Nora Vargas [email protected] . Script: Thank you for supporting the Invest in San Diego Families Coalition. It is important to keep our immigrant families safe.

 CANDIDATE FORUM: Tiffany Cuellar, VP of Political Action introduced local politicians and representatives of politicians:

Doug Case, representative for CA State Senator Atkins, reported that the CA State Budget is now completed. Significant funds will be used for the homeless, expansion of MediCal, early childhood education, and climate change particularly, as it pertains to preparing for fire season.

Jason Bercovitch, representative for US Congressman Scott Peters, reported that Scott introduced a bill to repeal the Trump administrations’ rollback of restrictions on methane gas emissions, which passed. Scott is currently working to pass an infra structure bill.

Claudia von Wilpert, representative for Marni von Wilpert, reported that Marni, in co-operation with others, held a Fire-Season Readiness Forum that was well attended. She is also working to implement restrictions on ghost guns.

Four candidates running for San Diego City Council, District 6, each briefly spoke: Joel Day, Kent Lee, Tommy Hough and Nicole Crosby.  Each presented information about why he or she is running.

PROGRAM: Tiffany introduced our guest speaker, Chris Olsen, Chief of Staff, Jewish Family Service. He spoke on Immigrant Rights (JGS/Rapid Response), giving us a brief update on the present status of the of undocumented immigrates being housed in San Diego County.  With the beginning of the Biden administration the number of undocumented immigrants coming to San Diego has increased to approximately 3,000 per month, many of them are children.  Title 42 requires they be kept on the Mexican side of the border until they test negative for COVID19. Once admitted to San Diego, they are being housed in hotels. The three predominant groups attempting to migrate here are from Mexico, Honduras and Russia.

 TRESURER REPORT: Claudia von Wilpert, Current total funds on-hand is $3,312.62.

 WELCOME: Andrew Miklusicak, announced that we have 76 dues paying members. He encouraged visitors to please join us by signing up on our website.

 NEXT MEETING: Lee announced that next general meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 11, 2021, Social Gathering at 6:30 PM and the General Meeting at 7:00 PM. The topic will be Public Safety and the status of the San Diego City Police Review Board.


Respectfully Submitted,



Marcia Finney, Secretary

Black Mtn Democratic Club