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Why Winning the House Was Important

January 3, 2019 marked the dawn of a new day in the House of Representatives. It was the day Democrats officially took control of the 116th U.S. House of Representatives and broke the GOP’s absolute control of the government. One of the most diverse groups to ever serve the American people, the House Democrats will be led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, only the second person to return to the role after leaving it.

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Finding Common Ground

Hands from a group of peopleThe recent primary elections gave Democratic candidates a chance to sharpen their skills, define their platforms and improve their voter engagement skills. Voters had an opportunity to meet the candidates and learn where they stood on important issues. We appreciate the time, energy and money all the candidates invested in their run for office. We thank them for stepping forward.

As we now turn our attention to the upcoming general election, it’s vital that we support all the Democratic primary winners in their election runs. There has never been a more important time to come together. A united front is key to winning as many local, county, state and federal elections as possible.

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Why Down Ballot Voting is Important

The designations “down-ballot or down-ticket began to be used in the early 1980s and describe voting for candidates listed below the most prominent race on a ballot. In a presidential election, Senate and House seats along with state and local offices are considered down-ballot. Often the outcomes of these races are influenced by the turnout for the candidates at the top of the ballot. 

Although down-ballot races may not receive as much coverage as the headliner, they are often just as important.   

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